Its 2018:  What Can I expect at my First Minneapolis Strip Club Visit

It's not your grandpa's seedy club that's for sure.  the adult indusrty is a billion dollar indusrty visited by men and women alike.  Its not taboo to see couples friends, birthday and even bachelorette parties at your local strip club.  So in 2018, what can you expect at your first visit to one of the Twin Cities finest adult establishment? A whole lot of fun, if done right.  First timers can have a really good time and create a memorable experience, especially if you go in ahead with the knowledge of what to expect.  Follow our tips below.


Dress nice:

Many clubs have a dress code, especially at night.  Like many restaurants, strip clubs have a no shoes- no shirt -no service policy, not that anyone would show up without a shirtbut then again….you never know!  Don't show up wearing flip flops and a tank top and expect to get in.  To be safe wear closed toe shoes and a nice shirt.  Jeans are acceptable at most clubs, maybe not at the most fanciest clubs.  You should call first if you're not sure. 

Upon your first visit, expect to pay for parking and admission.  Some clubs offer free parking, or even self-parking.   Bring ID, there is always a hostess scanning Ids to make sure you're of age.  There are 18 and over clubs, they are usually BYOB (Bring your own Drink) clubs.



Minnesota is the home of the Vikings, Twins, Wild, Timberwolves, Lynx and the Minnesota United FC.  That's just the professional teams.  Minneapolis and St Paul are home to the toughest diehard fans in all of Minnesota.  When you are in town, expect the TVs to be showing the latest local games.  Don't think about asking to change the channel, you might not get a nice reception.  Of course the strip clubs, unlike some bars, have more than one TV, so you might get lucky and get to watch the Rangers game alongside the Wild games.  


What's inside?

Usually clubs over carious different seating areas.  Depending on your mood you might like to sit on stage.  Girls usually parade on stage, dancing to the latest hits DJs play.  Topless clubs means girls only take their tops off when they dance.  Some clubs offer full nudity so expect to see the whole enchilada on stage.  This is where groups sit to enjoy various beauties pass by.  This is where the crowd usually makes it rain or where the singles are passed on into the garter belt.  Bring those singles if you plan on checking out the inventory. 

Some customers prefer the bar, they like the convo with the bartender, the regulars, the sports on TV and occasional conversation with a sexy dancer.

Clubs also offer Bottle Service and VIP Seating.  This is considered living the good life, drinking highly prices drinks brought by sexy half nude girls.  You usually get really plush seating and the best views of the club along with exclusive VIP service.  Anyone will tell you the extra attention and hospitality in VIP is worth it.

What's the best strip club to go to in Minneapolis? 

If you are looking for that upscale entertainment, consider attending the award winning strip club The Seville Club.   With their nightclub style bottle service, music and entertainment, The Seville club is perfect for groups and parties.  This is our club, see plan your party at the Seville.

If you are looking for a New Orleans feel, that old world marble and mahogany flare visit Rick's Cabaret.  Enjoy fine dining and cigars in the private smoking patio. Visit Rick's Cabaret here.


If you're looking for that perfect bar to catch the games, come to DownTown Cabaret.   Sporting 11 flat screens and 2 large projector TVs, perfect for watching all of Minnesota's favorite teams! The full liquor facility offers a full dining menu and Private cabanas!  Visit DTC's website here.